What is a “Silver Chaser” Hidden Mickey?

What is a “Silver Chaser” Hidden Mickey?

Silver Chaser Hidden Mickey pin set from 2012

A new type of Hidden Mickey Disney pin was introduced in 2011 and is called a “Silver Chaser” pin.

Cast Lanyard pins were renamed Hidden Mickey pins in 2006, to help guests identify them. Every year Disney releases new sets and issues them to their Cast Members or CM.

In the year 2011, Disney made a brand new type of hidden mickey pin, one that had never been seen before.

The Silver Chaser pin, or Silver hidden mickey pin.  This type of pin is not a “Completer” pin, so don’t get the 2 mixed up.

See what Completer pins are by clicking here.

Disney has made a different set of silver chaser pins each year now, one for 2011, 2012, and 2013.

These chaser pins are very easy to spot, since they are all silver.  There is absolutely no color on any of these Disney pins.

These silver pins are always the same version of other hidden mickey pins released, only silver.  So if you see a silver pin, than there is also a colored pin that looks the same.

Tonal Figment Silver Chaser pin

Normally you would think that these pins would “complete” other Disney pin sets, but they don’t.

For example, the Figment Square pin in the picture above looks like the Tonal Figment hidden mickey Disney pin that is pink color,  but he actually goes with the silver chaser set shown in the first photo on this page above.

The Disney pin set itself is called Hidden Mickey Chaser Pins and there were 10 of them in the “Wave B”, which was the second wave of Hidden Mickey pins released in 2012, and they were all silver.

Of course you can put him in the tonal figment set, I did.

It is the numbers on the back of these silver chaser pins that tell you what set it goes to.

The Silver figment pin says on the back, “Pin #11 of 20”.  That’s because by the end of 2013 there will be 20 different silver chaser pins and this figment is #11 in that set.

Each year that Disneyworld releases the new Hidden Mickey pins, they put out 20 new silver chaser pins.

Figment Good Silver Chaser pin

Above is a silver chaser pin and below you’ll see the color version from the Figment Good pin set released in 2011.

Now that you are armed with the knowledge of the Silver Chaser hidden mickey pins, have fun pin trading on your next Disney World Vacations.

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