United Kingdom Hidden Mickey Pin Collection

United Kingdom Hidden Mickey Pin Collection

This Disney trading pin collection was released in July 2011, and consists of:

♦ 5 different UK hidden mickey pins
♦ 2 silver chaser pins
♦ 1 completer pin
The 2 silver chaser pins are actually part of a different hidden mickey collection, find out more info on “What is a Silver Chaser hidden mickey pin?”.

Silver Chaser Royal Guard pin

My Disney family of 5 went to Epcot just the other day for the Food & Wine festival, and we stopped in the United Kingdom pavillion.

I got Fish & Chips, and while I was standing there, I looked around and saw all of the icons from the UK hidden mickey pin set, like the Rose & Crown pub.

Both the real icon on the building and the trading pin are captured in the pin photo below, taken by me 🙂

Here is the list of the United Kingdom hidden mickey collection:

• Royal Guard ~ Pin #1 of 5
• Teapot ~ Pin #2 of 5
• Telephone Booth ~ Pin #3 of 5
• Rose & Crown Pub ~ Pin #4 of 5
• Hampton Court Palace ~ Pin #5 of 5
• Peter Pan Clock Face ~ Completer pin

Silver Chasers are:

• Royal Guard ~ Pin #13 of 20
• Telephone Booth ~ Pin #14 of 20

It is always super fun to collect pins that link directly with your Disney vacation memories, we started collecting all of the attraction pins, when we first ever tried something new, we wanted a pin to wear and show off 🙂
I still have my “Dinosaur” pin from 2008, it has a Free-D (a rubber type element) Carnotaurus Dino on it, I was so thrilled to have found it on a Cast members lanyard shortly after riding it for the 1st time.

If you are interested in collecting this hidden mickey Disney pin set, we often have them in our pin store.

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Elizabeth Donoho

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