Tonal Figment 2012 Hidden Mickey Disney Pin Sets

Tonal Figment 2012 Hidden Mickey Disney Pin Sets

Figment Hidden Mickey Disney Pin sets

This Walt Disney World Resort hidden mickey set is called “Tonal Figment” and has 5 different color figment squares with one silver “chaser” and one purple “completer” pin.

Q). What do the numbers on the back of the pin mean?
A). The numbers help you keep track of which pins you own, and which pins you still need.

Here are the numbers for the Tonal Figment 2012 Hidden Mickey Disney Pin Set;

  1. Blue Figment: #1 of 5 pins
  2. Pink Figment: #2 of 5 pins
  3. Green Figment: #3 of 5 pins
  4. Yellow Figment: #4 of 5 pins
  5. Orange Figment: #5 of 5 pins

This set was released in 2012 and is still not easy to find. The Pink, Green, and Blue squares are the hardest to find on CM pin lanyards.

Figment Completer Disney pin

Every year, Disneyworld releases “Completer pins” that are available for a Limited time.
These pins complete hidden mickey sets and come in a sealed black plastic bag.

Watch a video we made about opening the mystery completer pin bags, just click the video below!

They are “mystery pins” because you don’t know which one you will get.

They are usually only $2.95 with a purchase of $30.00. So if you don’t buy Disney merchandise you can not buy these completer pins.

Starting in 2011, Disney added in a new type of Hidden Mickey pin.

It’s called a Silver Chaser pin and is an all silver pin, usually a variant of an already existing hidden mickey pin.

Silver chaser figment Disney pin.

Click here to learn all about Silver Chaser Hidden Mickey pins.

This Figment silver chaser pin is the same as the Pink Figment Tonal pin, except all silver.

Do you have the whole set? Are you still missing that last pin to make a complete set?

Check out our Disney pins for sale at Everything Mousey Pins to complete your sets, starting as low as $5.00 ea!

Thanks for reading and keep checking back here at Disney Pins $1.15 + Up for more pin info.


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