Tiny (Micro, Extra Small, Mini) Disney Pins

Tiny (Micro, Extra Small, Mini) Disney Pins


You’ve heard of a jumbo pin, but have you heard of a mini pin? Tiny pins are very rare and hard to find because they aren’t made much anymore, and weren’t made very much in the past!If you take a look at the photo of the Stitch Tower of Terror pin above and compare him with the rubber Mickey pin back next to him you’ll see just how small he really is!

It seems as if most of the xtra small Disney pins were made in Japan years ago, and many of them came with another pin, or in a pin set with larger pins.

Some of the micro pins are so little that the rubber back is larger than the pin itself, like the bird pin in the photo above.

Elizabeth has been collecting extra small Disney pins for years and years, shortly after our dad started collecting them.

You can view her extensive collection of almost 200 pins below.

If you’d like to shop for mini pins you can search our online Pin Store – Everything Mousey Pins. Just type micro, tiny, mini, or small in the search tool bar!
Do you have any tiny little Disney pins in your collection?

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