The Different Types of Scrapper Disney Pins

The Different Types of Scrapper Disney Pins

Which one of these 4 pins do you think is the REAL deal?
1 is real, 3 are fake.
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I am going to try to help you learn all about Scrapper pins.  The most important thing you can know is that there is only ONE WAY to know for certain that your pin is scrapper free, and that is if you purchase it yourself, directly from Disney.

I have guaranteed real scrapper free pins for sale on my online pin store at Everything Disney Pins, you should check them out, they start at $3.00 ea. 🙂

Knowing this, it’s a good idea to learn about scrappers, and how to spot them.   scrapperinfo
Over the years there have been many, many rumors and tips about how to tell if a pin is unauthorized or not, but you can’t go by those tips alone, they are not always accurate.
You can’t believe everything you hear.  You have to know the signs, and look at the pin very closely yourself to determine if it’s a scrapper or not, then sometimes it’s even hard to decide.
Some False tips:
• If a magnet sticks to a pin then it’s real.
• If it only has one knob on the back of the pin, it’s fake.  (Some pins feature knobs next to the actual pin post.  Some have one knob, some have two, some have none.)
Scrappers are getting harder and harder to spot, the factories in China are making them better every day, and there are lots of factories producing these pins and shipping them to sellers in the USA.  Some factories produce higher quality pins using different metals than other factories.
There are three types of Scrapper pins:
1. Trash.  The most terrible quality unauthorized pins on the market.  You can look at the quality of this pin and see it’s a scrapper without any effort.  No top coat, completely dull and scratchy.  Dipped, rough edges, etc.
2.  Moderate.  I have a few of these in my collection.  The quality of the pin isn’t that bad, and they are usually harder to notice as a fake pin.  They are glossier than the Trash scrappers and the enamel is usually not as dipped or pitted.  These pins are commonly kept because their real authentic counterparts are pins that are not usually found in people’s collections, and aren’t commonly found on lanyards at Walt Disney Parks and Resorts, or in other pin collectors pin trading books for trade.
3. High Quality.  These are the ones you may never know is a scrapper.  These pins are obtained from the higher quality Disney pin factories in China.  They are actually sent from the USA by people who purchase them in Disney themselves to be made into scrappers overseas, then sent back to the USA to be sold on eBay and traded at pin shows around the world.  The colors are really close to accurate, and if you’ve never seen the real you wouldn’t even know

I hope that learning about the different Types of Scrapper Disney Pins has helped you begin to understand scrappers.

Look for our next informative article, “How to Spot a Scrapper Disney Pin”  coming soon to Disney Pins Facebook.

If you have any questions please feel free to leave a comment!

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