Stitch Disney Trading Pins for Sale

Stitch Disney Trading Pins for Sale

Do you like Stitch, experiment #626?  What about his best friend, Lilo?

The hit movie was made in 2002 and introduced us to this absolutely adorable dog impersonator named Stitch, and ever since then, he has been a very popular (and hard to find/trade for) Disney pin character.

Our daughter fell in love with Stitch her first year of pin trading at the Walt Disney World Resort in 2005.
She has been collecting them ever since, and Loves these pins dearly.

She has acquired lots of doubles on accident lol, and has outgrown a few of them, so she is selling them in our pin store.

We have Stitch pins for sale in our online store, so if you are looking to start (or continue) your own Stitch pin collection, stop by and browse 🙂

You can find Stitch and lots of his friends on Holiday pins like the Valentine set in the picture above. Other common Disney Holiday Stitch pins are Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter, and more.

These holiday pins are usually always Limited Edition or Limited Release pins (there are only a certain amount made) and are around $13-$16 ea. at Walt Disney parks and resorts.

Out of all the Disney theme parks, Hong Kong Disneyland and Tokyo Disney Seas are by far the biggest fans of Stitch pins.

You can find him with Lilo, Scrump, Angel, and all of the characters, and experiments, from the movies and tv shows.

This is a Hong Kong Disneyland Stitch and friends space cruiser pin and is very hard to find. There are 3 different pins in this set.

My daughter loves the way the pins are so glittery and pretty, and have so many of her favorite characters like Angel!

Have fun with your pins and happy trading!

Thanks for reading our Disney pin blog, and don’t forget to take a peek in our Pin Store and YouTube channel Everything Disney Pins.

Elizabeth Donoho

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