Scrapper Free Disney Trading Pins Info

Scrapper Free Disney Trading Pins Info
Real Scrapper Free Disney Trading Pins
There is nothing nicer to look at than a super shiny, thick,  real Disney Pins. We are not against scrapper pins, and have some of them ourselves in our pin collections, but we know that it is personal choice to trade for and collect scrapper pins.
So we want to offer you informational pages about the diff. types of bootleg pins, and how to spot the difference between real hidden mickey, Rack, or LE pins and their counterparts.


Fake vs Real Haunted Mansion Hidden Mickey Pins
Fake 2014 Hidden Mickey Pins
What Are Scrapper Disney Pins?
The Different Types of Scrapper Disney Pins
Our Experiences; Don’t Let Scrappers Bring You Down
Disney Scrapper Pins Comparison Photos
High Quality Scrapper Disney Pin Comparison Photos
Hidden Mickey Scrapper + Real Pin Comparison Photos
Scrapper Free Disney Pins For Sale!

Thanks! We hope you enjoy pin trading!

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