Real Disney Pins; ProPins, Bertoni, Sedesma

Real Disney Pins; ProPins, Bertoni, Sedesma

There are lots of different kinds of Disney trading pins, some of them come from other countries. Often these pins are mistaken for fake or scrapper pins because of the way that they are made or the way they look.

I want to share with you in this post the characteristics of a pin from Europe so when you see one, you will know what it is.

Some of these pins can be very rare, with special hard to find characters like baby Hercules shown in the photo above.

• Look at the Back!

You can tell a lot about a pin by flipping it over, I always look at the back markings on pins, and you should too!
All real pins will say (c) Disney on the back. They might not say much more, but even old pins will have the copyright Disney marking. The 1 exception to that is the oldest pins might say Taiwan.

You may also see these words;

• Bertoni or Bertoni-Milano ~ This is an Italian pin manufacturer.
• Sedesma ~ This is a pin maker from Spain.
• ProPin ~ These are German made pins.

These 3 names are the most common foreign pins found while trading.

As you can see in these photos of Disney euro pins, the enamel is different. It is actually a piece of metal that is painted. Therefor it might looked “dipped” or “bad quality” to some people.

I looks like a metal base with painted colors on it, no coating or top layer to make it smooth like our pins here in Disneyworld Florida.

This is what makes people think that they are fake or not desirable, but most of these pins were released in other countries when the Disney movies were originally released.

They are old, and rare, and they feature hard to find characters like Megara and Pegasus, Princes and Disney Princesses, Lady and Tramp, and a wide variety of obscure characters like Banzai from Lion King, Crikee from Mulan, and more!

ProPin Jake Disney pin

The pin above is a ProPin from Germany, this is Jake from The Rescuers’ Down Under.
ProPins are made With an epoxy top coat and are smooth, unlike the Sedesma or Bertoni pins.

These foreign pins are highly collectible, the more popular but rare characters especially. Check out for more pictures of these European pins.

• Are these “other” Disney pins tradable?

Some people don’t like these types of Disney trading pins, and I have heard that Disneyland Paris Resort does not trade for these at all.

Here at the Walt Disney parks and resorts, the rule is if the pin has the cDisney copyright then it is tradable.

Very rarely I will have a cast member tell me that I can’t trade, for some reason of their own, and Disney’s rule on that is “Cast Members will have the final say in what is acceptable or not”. If this ever happens to you, don’t worry! Just trade with a different CM 🙂
If you do find one of these pins while trading, and you don’t want to keep it for yourself, maybe consider keeping it in a book for trading with other pin collectors as they are sought after.

Now loads of people trade online on Facebook and Instagram. I know we do 🙂

I hope that I helped you in your pin trading endevours, and no matter what, have fun trading pins and making your own Disney magic!

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