Rare Princess – Disney Pin Collection


Hello Pin Friends! I am here with my mom’s rare and beautiful Princess pin collection. My mom recently passed away and I have the honor of finding new homes for most of her hard to find Disney pins. I have shown all of her Princess pins on video, you can watch that here on our YouTube channel, and I have listed a lot of these wonderful pins for sale in our online pin store at Everything-Disney-Pins.com.
disney-princess-pins (70)

Disney trading pins are so fun and addictive! We got our mom into trading pins about 8 or 9 years ago and she had the best time meeting new people and collecting these beautiful pins. Castles and Princess pins were some of her favorite ones to collect because they are so pretty!

If you are new to pin collecting or already have a collection started you should come check out my mom’s pins, they are so pretty and make perfect gifts to give your loved ones. There are Wedding or Bride pins, Castles, Jumbo pins, Europe Disney Store, Limited Edition, Retired, Holiday, Glittery and Jeweled pins, and so many more pretty Princess pins.

Don’t miss out on this huge rare Princess pin collection, visit our pin store now and find that perfect Disney pin.

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