Pin Trading in Resorts

Pin Trading in Resorts

Did you know that you can trade Disney pins in any of the resorts in Disney World, and that you don’t have to be a guest staying there to do it?

Disney resorts in Florida are amazing!  Imagineers put so much time into each and every one of them, making each one a special and magical place!

You don’t have to stay at a resort to enjoy Disney resort dining, to shop, explore, or trade pins there!

Some of the best pin trading in Disneyworld can be found in the resorts at Disney World!!

All you need to go into a resort is a valid ID.  Each one has a guard gate with a security guard stationed there 24 hours a day.  All you have to do to enter is show the guard your valid ID (drivers license works great!), and tell them what you’re doing.  I usually say I’m “Visiting the resort”.  Sometimes I say I’m “Going to the gift shop”.  It just depends on what I’m planning on doing while I’m there.

You can go to as many resorts per day as you’d like, just have your ID ready each time you approach the gate.

Pin Trading in Resorts is one of my favorite Disney activities.  Although we have Annual Passes to the Disney Parks we still choose resorts over  parks some days.

Each resort has at least one gift shop, and that gift shop has Cast Members who usually wear lanyards for you to trade on.  In addition, the front desk, concierge, bell desk, Disney gift shop counters, and sometimes even the restaurants there may have pin boards, or pin books!  My motto is “Always ask where ever you go!”

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