Pete’s Silly Sideshow Characters; Storybook Circus Disney pins

Pete’s Silly Sideshow Characters; Storybook Circus Disney pins

Out of all Walt Disney Characters in the New Fantasyland area of Disney’s Magic Kingdom park, these 4 were by far the most exciting to encounter.

When you visit “Pete’s Silly Sideshow”, a Meet and Greet in Storybook Circus area, you have 2 ways to go, either right to see Goofy and Donald, or left to see Minnie and Daisy.

Let’s go Left first!

  Minnie Magnifique ~ A Poodle Trainer Circus Star!
  Daisy Fortuna ~ A Fortune Teller with Disney Magic!

Or if you don’t have a Disney vacation planned anytime soon to meet these gals, you can get the Disney Trading Pins of these Pete’s Silly Sideshow characters.
Here are the Minnie and Daisy collector pins available at Walt Disney Parks and Resorts.
It’s Minnie and Daisy in their circus outfits!

Disney Trading Pins

These rack pins (pins available for sale on the “racks” of Disney gift shops right now) are only $7.95 each and very cute.

Now let’s go Right!

  The Great Goofini ~ Goofy as a Daredevil Stunt Pilot. You can see him at the New Barnstormer attraction!
  The Astounding Donaldo ~ Donald Duck as a charming Snake Charmer.

“The circus’ fearless daredevil, the Great Goofini, has become the resident flying ace for his latest spectacular showcase of aerial acrobatics and bravery. It’s ‘plane’ crazy and sure to leave you breathless.
~ Disney Parks Blog

There are pins made of these guys too, they would complete the Storybook Circus Disney Set of 4 pins.

If your planning a trip to Walt Disney World resort in Florida, and you want to pin trade, this is a really special activity.

Meeting the characters, getting Disney photos and autographs, and adding Disney pins to their collections, this is the Disney magic that made me fall in love as a child, and still does. Thanks Walt!

Keep checking back for more fun and informative pin ideas on Disney Pins $1.15 & Up Facebook.

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