New Haunted Mansion Pins

New Haunted Mansion Pins

Stretching Portraits Villain pins ~ 4 in all, $11.95 ea.

We are thoroughly thrilled to announce the release of multiple new HM pin and related items.
There have only been a handful of Haunted Mansion pins available for purchase in the Disney World gift shops, and at Disneyland these past few years.

All of the items shown will be released at both the WDW and DL resorts!

These pins will be Open Edition or Rack Pins, which means they are not Limited Edition and therefore will be for sale in the stores year ’round for years to come!

The Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World is actually making a Haunted Mansion (HM) themed gift shop next to the ride that will offer all kinds of creepy but awesome merchandise, look for it most likely next year. (2015)

Lanyard Medal + Lanyard $11.95 ea.
Lanyard + Pin set $49.95

Here are 3 cool new items, for the first time ever there will be a HM pin lanyard and a medal charm that hangs on the bottom of the lanyard to weigh it down and look good. The lanyard and medal will be $11.95 each.

Also shown above is a Starter Lanyard set.  You purchase the whole set which includes the 8 HM themed pins with lanyard and plastic bottom card. It will retail for $49.95.

4 pin booster set $24.95

This Booster pack shown above is a great deal at only $24.95!  It comes with four different new Haunted Mansion pins. I love the “Foolish Mortals” pin in the top left corner, it is one of my favorite parts of the ride!

Next I will show you a few more rack pins that will be a welcome addition to anyone’s Attraction or Haunted Mansion pin collections.

This first one is a two pin set featuring Donald and Daisy Duck as Haunted Mansion Cast Members, dressed just like the wonderful people who help you on the ride. For both pins it will be $13.95.

Cast Member Outfit Donald + Daisy 2pc pin set $13.95

Last but definitely not least is the Master Gracey spinner pin that I am just Dying to get.
The detail is wonderful and the 2 sided spinner effect is awesome!

Of course he is your “Ghost Host”, so one side shows him as he looked when he was living, and the other side shows him as your ghostly tour guide.

This is an amazing pin for only $11.95.

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