My Disney World Hidden Mickey Wave B Pin Haul!

My Disney World Hidden Mickey Wave B Pin Haul!

“Park Icons with Disney Characters”
Wave B 2013 Hidden Mickeys
I went on the hunt for the new Wave B hidden Mickey pins this week and found quite a few!
The first pin we found from the newest Disney hidden Mickey pin collections was the Stitch Animal Kingdom pin shown in the photo above!
My photo above shows Stitch from the “Park Icons with Disney Characters” set, and Lagoona Gator from Typhoon Lagoon, one of the Disney water parks, also part of that set.
Figment “Park Icons with Disney Characters”
One of my personal favorites in the Park Icons set is Figment!  We lucked out and found both the full color version, and the silver chaser!
“Disney Birds”
Wave B 2013 Hidden Mickeys
We found three pins from the “Disney Birds” hidden Mickey series; Iago from the Disney movie “Aladdin”, Archimedes from the “Sword and the Stone”, and Camilla from the Muppets.
There are two more pins in this series that we haven’t found yet, Allan-a-Dale from “Robin Hood”, and Mlle. Upanova from “Fantasia”.
“Disney’s Pin Traders Icons”  
We found almost the complete “Disney’s Pin Traders Icons” set.  We are missing one pin, which is the silver chaser Mickey Mouse.
I think this is the cutest set, with each pin featuring a Disney character in various steps of Disney pin trading.
“Days of the Week Pluto”
Hidden Mickey Disney pins
We found three of the seven “Days of the Week Pluto” pins; Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday.
You can see these and all of the other pins we found on our Pin Haul Video below.
What a long and fun day of pin trading all around the Walt Disney Parks and Resorts.
“Patriotic Disney Characters”
Mickey Mouse and Russell Disney Hidden Mickey pins
Here are two of the new “Patriotic Disney Characters” pins, Mickey Mouse and the silver chaser featuring Russell from “Up”.
“Goofy Sports”
Wave B Hidden Mickey Disney Pins

Another neat new Wave B HM set is the “Goofy Sports” pins.  We found two of them, Goofy Basketball, and Horseback Riding.  We saw the Goofy Swimming pin, but didn’t trade for it because we hit our limit!

We love sharing our finds, tips, and pins for sale here on our Disney Pins Facebook Disney pin trading site.
We have lots of hidden Mickey pins for sale, check them out and see if we have any that you’re looking for.
Thanks for checking out my Disney World Hidden Mickey Wave Be Pin Haul this August!


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