Magic Kingdom Villains Parking Sign Pins

Magic Kingdom Villains Parking Sign Pins

Scar Magic Kingdom Parking Sign is the Completer pin for the set

Have you seen the hidden mickey parking pin set yet?  If you drive to Walt Disney World Resort right now, on World Drive, and go Under the Disney World Gate, and keep straight, then you could see these.

Watch us as we drive to the Magic Kingdom parking lot, from Disney World Gate to Magic Kingdom.

In 2013 they made a new Hidden Mickey series called “Magic Kingdom Villains Parking Sign”.

They look exactly like the signs at the MK in Disneyworld. The signs are in the parking lot to help you find your car again at the end of your long and magical day.

You can find these for in our online pin store –  Everything Mousey Pins.

There are 5 pins in the set and 1 Completer, all in full color.

•  Zurg #1 of 5 pins
•  Hook #2 of 5 pins
•  Jafar #3 of 5 pins
•  Ursula #4 of 5 pins
•  Cruella #5 of 5 pins
•  Scar ~ Completer pin

There are also 2 Silver Chaser versions that can either finish this set, or their intended set, the 1-20 silver chaser hm pins.

•  Silver Zurg Chaser #5 of 20 pins
•  Silver Cruella Chaser #6 of 20 pins

Silver Chaser Zurg pin

After you are done reading this page, click here to read more about What is a Silver Chaser Hidden Mickey pin.

Silver chaser pins are always silver and are actually part of their own set, not the sets that they look like.  🙂

Do you have any of these cool hidden mickey pins in your collection? If you would like to find authentic hidden mickey pins guaranteed?

Have you ever parked in the Villains parking lot? If so then you would have seen one of these sign posts with the Villains on them. They look just like the pins.

The Villains parking lot is on the right side when you drive in under the Magic Kingdom Gate.  I always park in the Heroes parking lot on the left side when you first drive in past the Richard Petty Experience.

If you have collected this set and would like the newer matching Hero’s MK Parking Sign set, Look here for more info.  Disney has released it as part of 2014 pins.

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