“Live” Coverage; 13 Reflections of Evil

“Live” Coverage; 13 Reflections

In just a couple of days our family will be attending the exciting Villain pin show in Epcot for our Sponsors!  We are super excited to go and share this event with you!

We will be attending the event for 4 days!  Thursday at Coronado Springs Resort for pre-registration, and to pick up our Sponsor’s Disney pin orders, and a full day of pin trading with other guests, then Friday, Saturday, and Sunday we’ll be at Epcot for each special day to trade,and pick up our lucky Sponsor’s free gifts!!

We are attending the pin breakfast, and vinylmation breakfast in addition to each of the three days that are being offered, so we will have lots of exciting footage to show you!
If you’re not following us on Instagram you definitely want to do that.  We are “DisneyPinsFacebook” on Instagram, and we will be posting LIVE photos, videos, and even giveaways throughout the day all day starting on Thursday 9/12!
Each night we will also be uploading full length videos onto our YouTube channel, LivingDisney.com, so make sure to go there for complete daily movies of everything related to the event!!
We will be making a video vlog of everything!  The lines, the pin boards, the pin games, the pin trading, the people, the Villains, the food, the gifts, our pin haul, the vinylmation trading day, the breakfasts, upcoming pins, and more!!!!!
It will be just like being there yourself!!
Stay tuned, and have fun with us this weekend at Epcot!!

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