June 2015 Walt Disney World Resort Pin Releases

June 2015 Walt Disney World Resort Pin Releases

This summer we’ll see some beautiful pins being released in Disney World gift shops! If you’d like to add any of them to your collection please pre-order June’s upcoming releases from us by sending an email to EverythingDisneyPins@yahoo.com or visiting our online pin store EverythingDisneyPins.com!

The first release of the month will be Thursday June 4th, and it’s going to be a big one! There will be five releases that day.
Best Friends Minnie Mouse and Daisy Duck which is an LE of 3000 and retails for $16.95.
Gaston from the Wickedly Wonderful Pin of the Month collection which is a limited edition Disney pin of 3000 and retails for $14.95.
Lady and the Tramp 60th Anniversary – an LE of 2000 for $12.95.

Queen of Hearts Piece of Disney History SpectroMagic LE 1000 for $19.95.
Father’s Day 2015 King Triton and Ariel, which is an LE of 2000 and retails for $14.95

On June 11th a commemorative pin for the Disney movie Inside Out is being released for $14.95 in the Disney Parks.  It is limited to 3000 pieces. Movie pins are very popular, so get yours while you can!
Carl and Ellie from Up are featured on the June GenEARation D dangle pin! It’s an LE of 500 and if you’re going to be purchasing this pin at Pin Traders in Disney Springs get there early that morning! The line is long and the “D” pins sell out quickly!
This Countdown Series pin will sell for $15.95 and is an LE of 500.
On June 25th two very special pins will be for sale in Disney World gift shops. Pocahontas 20th Anniversary and July 4th UP with Carl and Ellie!
Pocahontas is an LE of 2000 and will retail for $12.95, and the Fourth of July 2015 pin is a limited edition of 3500 and is $14.95.

I’m really happy with the June 2015 Walt Disney World Resort Pin Releases and I can’t wait to add my favorites to my personal pin collection!

If you’d like to preorder any of the pins shown above please review our price sheet below and send an email to EverythingMouseyPins@yahoo.com.

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