July 7 Walt Disney World Resort Pin Releases

July 7 Walt Disney World Resort Pin Releases


The pin on the left is from one of my all-time favorite pin collections; Piece of Walt Disney World History. This series has been around for years and years, and almost always features a plastic bubble with a piece of the actual attraction inside it! Recently there’s been spin-offs of this set. Cast Member POH pins, featuring pieces of CM costumes from rides, and even piece of movie history, with a piece of the film reel inside it!

The Pirates of the Caribbean piece of history pin above will be released next month in WDW, in select Disney gift shops that sell LE pins. It’s a limited edition pin of 1500. This isn’t the first POTC POH that’s been made, there are many other older versions. This pin is titled “We want the red head” so I imagine it has a piece of the red head character in it!

The pin on the left is from the Walt Disney World Annual Passholder Exclusive Quarterly Collection, which is only sold to AP holders. Each year there’s a new passholder pin set. Sometimes a pin is released monthly, sometimes once every four months like the 2016 set above. It’s a beautiful pin and it’s a LE of 3000.

Happy collecting Pin Friends!

~ The Disney Pin Sisters ♥ Everything Mousey Pins


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