Imagination Gala 2014 “LIVE”!

Imagination Gala 2014 “LIVE”!

We’re just a few days away from the first day of the 2014 Epcot Pin Trading Event and we’re very excited!

Starting this Thursday September 4th, we will be bringing all the fun and excitement of the Imagination Gala to you LIVE from the event, including special GIVEAWAYS!!
To enjoy this special ticketed pin trading show from your home, just follow these steps:
1. Follow Us on Instagram –  we’ll be posting LIVE coverage of the event for 3 days.  Pre-Registration and trading day on 8/4, the Purple Carpet Pin Breakfast and trading day on 9/5, and the Gala on 9/6, and holding a special giveaway from the event!!
2. Subscribe to us on YouTube –  we’ll be vlogging each day for your viewing pleasure, and uploading videos of our pin haul from the entire event!!  Watch for a surprise giveaway!
3. “Like” us on Facebook – we’ll be checking in and even holding a special giveaway for our followers!
Don’t miss out on the pin trading action!  There will be pin traders from around the world, and now you can join in the fun too, by liking, following, and subscribing to us at the links above!
See you there!!
~Amy and Elizabeth

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