High Quality Scrapper Disney Pin Comparison Photos

High Quality Scrapper Disney Pin Comparison Photos

Did you know that there are different qualities of Disney scrapper pins?   Some are nicer than others!
Today we’re going to show you photos of high quality fake Disney pins, and some scrapper comparison photos.

High quality unofficial Disney pins are the hardest to identify as scrapper pins because they are a nicer quality than a lot of the more common cheap scrapper pins.
The pin in the photo above features Hamm from the Disney Pixar movie “Toy Story”, and is a scrapper, still in it’s baggie.

Here is a close up of the Hamm scrapper.  You can see it has a dull, matte finish (no gloss), and other imperfections.

Above you can see what the back of the fake pin looks like.  It has a “reverse border”, Mickey heads that don’t go all the way off the edge smoothly, without interuption, but that DOES NOT mean it’s a scrapper!  It used to, until Disney started making pins like that and selling them in Disney gift shops in 2011.
Quite a few of the big nice pins featuring Toy Story characters with a back stamp from Hong Kong Disneyland have been faked.  There’s a Slinky dog one from this set that’s not real also.
Sometimes authentic, real Disney pins sold in the Walt Disney Parks and Resorts are very bad quality, and resemble scrapper pins! 
It’s getting harder and harder to tell!! 

This Duffy as Sulley pin is a real pin.  Purchased from Disneyland Paris upon it’s release and shipped to me.

I wanted to share the photo with you because the quality of the pin is bad, especially for a Paris Disney pin.


Historically, Disneyland Paris pins have always been extra nice and of very high quality.  I was truly shocked to receive this pin!
Paris pins are usually very thick, and very, very glossy.  This pin is dull, not shiny or glossy at all, and actually has very rough edges that you can see in the photo above.

You can also see brush marks in the paint, in the past a sign of a scrapper.  This pin is proof that you can’t judge a book by it’s cover, so to speak.  It’s real yet it looks like a bad scrapper.
I personally am not going to keep this pin, even though it’s real, because I don’t like the quality.  It doesn’t look nice.  I don’t like it.
More and more lately I’ve noticed very bad quality real Disney pins for sale in the Disney World gift shops.

See more Disney Scrapper Pins comparison photos here!!

Faces of Jack Paris pins, one is real, one is fake.
See these glittery Jack Skellington pins above?  One is real and one is not!  Can you guess which one?
If you guessed that the one on the left is real, then you’re right!!  The Jack pin on the right is a scraper Disney pin!!
It’s made to resemble the real on on the left and as you can see it looks very nice, and on it’s own you would think this was an awesome find on eBay or in the parks on a Cast Member lanyard were you to find it.
It’s from Disneyland Paris, and the pin came from a set of 4 glittery colorful Faces of Jack pins.  I have the set which is were I took my pin from, and the other pin was traded for at a pin show in Disneyworld.
Back of the Faces of Jack pins, real and fake.
Here is a photo of the back of the pins.  The real on is still on the left.  You can definitely see a differnce in the Mickey heads on the back of the pin, but as I mentioned before, if you didn’t have the two to compare to each other you most likely would never know that you had a scrapper.
As you can see from these High Quality Scrapper Disney Pin Comparison Photos above, a Disney Scrapper pin can be better looking than a real, authentic Disney Pin (see Duffy above, and the Jack pin), or worse!
These days it’s very hard to tell if a pin is a scrapper or not, and it’s getting harder and harder all the time.
You can’t judge a pin by quality alone any longer.  You also can’t use one or two “tricks” to tell either.
The quality of both Scrapper Disney pins, and authentic Disney pins are changing, making it ever harder and harder to judge.
What to do?  Keep a pin if you like it, no matter what.  If I like a pin I will keep it.  I don’t care if it’s scrapper or not.  In the end it’s just a piece of metal.  If I don’t like it, even if it’s real, (like Duffy above), I won’t keep it. ºOº

We hope that this information on Disney scrapper pins will help you to be more knowledgeable and aware.  Thanks for visiting Disney Pins Facebook, your #1 Disney Pin trading site for News, Information, and Disney Pins for Sale!!

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