Hidden Mickey Scrapper + Real Pin Comparison Photos

Hidden Mickey Scrapper + Real Pin Comparison Photos

Do You See A Difference in these Hidden Mickey pins?   Which One is Real?

Have you ever had a pin that you thought was “real”, then you found out it was a “bootleg” or “unauthorized” pin?

It is often very hard to tell, and sometimes impossible, especially if you don’t have other pins to compare it with.
In the photo above, you can see 3 different pins of the same hidden mickey trading pin. It is from the 2010 hm series “Disney Resorts” and it’s the Animal Kingdom Lodge Shower Curtain.

Can you spot the Real shower curtain pin?  It’s the Middle one. The Dark pin on the right is fake, and the Non Glossy pin on the left is also a scrapper hidden mickey pin.

Here are the backs of the hidden mickey, real and scrapper, Disney pins.

Here is a picture of the backs of the 3 hidden mickey pins, can you see the Middle Authentic pin, and how nice and clear the writing is? It is etched nicely and is easy to read.

Look at the differences in size and shape of the pins and the “Star Burst” logo in the middle.

It is amazing that there can be so many different scrappers of the same pin.

Real and Scrapper Disney pins

Sometimes the difference is obvious, like with the colorful figment squares above. The counterfeit pin on the right has “off” colors, even the inside of his mouth is wrong!

One thing that they can’t reproduce well when they make scrappers is the color Yellow. On fake pins, the yellow color is usually Over Bright or Fluorescent, and sometimes has a greenish tint, not a true yellow.

Here is a picture of the back of both yellow Figment pins, they look similar. It would be hard even for me to tell which one is real, just by looking at the backs.

There is no “One Way” to tell if it is a scrapper. The First thing I look at is the quality of the pin.
You can see a bad pin that is dipped, ugly, wrong colors, dull, etc.

Next I look at the “Star Burst logo” in the middle of the pins. It will take practice to spot the differences, but you should be able to compare pins and see details between the fake and real pins.

Real Disney pins are etched finely and with great detail.  If it is hard to read or just doesn’t look “clean or sharp” then keep looking for one that does. Compare them with each other or with your friends online.

One great place to look is pinpics.com, they have pictures and information on almost every Disney Trading pin.

In my picture above, the real pin is the one on the Right.

This is what I look at, the part in the red circle, as well as the boxes with writing, like the (c)Disney China logo. It is smooth and different from the other scrapper pin.

If you will also notice, they both have “Pin Nubs”, the small pointy metal sticking up on the left and right of the pin post.  scrapperinfo

Some people say if there is no “Nub” than it is fake. Well this is not necessarily true, some pins have no nubs, one nub, or two nubs, depending on the pin.


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