Haunted Mansion Disney Pin Collections

Haunted Mansion Disney Pin Collections

Haunted Mansion pins are some of my favorite pins to look at and enjoy. My family and I are HM fanatics!

Disney’s Haunted Mansion opened on Tuesday, August 12, 1969 at Disneyland, and it is sad that Walt Disney himself never got to see or ride this wonderful attraction.

So many guests have truly enjoyed this ride through the years, it’s one of the most popular rides in all the Walt Disney Parks and Resorts!

The popularity of the attraction makes for a lot of  Haunted Mansion pin collectors, which makes Haunted Mansion Disney pin collections sometimes very hard to trade for.

We started out collecting all of our favorite ride and attraction pins, just for the fun memories of our Disney Vacations.

Over the years our collection grew.  We added more and more Haunted Mansion pins, and also the Phantom Manor (Disneyland Paris), Mystic Manor (Hong Kong Disneyland), and Disneyland’s HM pins, which are made to resemble the Winchester Mystery House in California.

There are thousands of Haunted Mansion pins, some that are available now at the parks and resorts, others that were made for special events, and others that are retired and extremely valueable.

I love the spookiness of the attraction, the ghosts dancing around, their eyes peeking out at you, and the gargoyles watching over the mansion.

You can find beautiful Haunted Mansion attraction framed sets and boxed pin sets, Jumbo pins, Pin books, and lanyards, all featured the HM logo or designs.

Have a fun time starting your own pin collection by browsing through hundreds of Disney pins for sale. We have pins from our own collection for sale in our pin store EverythingDisneyPins.com!

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy pin trading and collecting!

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