Fake vs Real Haunted Mansion Tombstone Pins

Fake vs Real Haunted Mansion Tombstone Pins

One pin in the photo above is Real, 2 are fake, can you tell which is which?

Have you ever seen the HM Tombstone hidden mickey pin set that was released at Disneyland in 2009?

It is a wonderful and unique collection of 6 different pet cemetery pins that represent the tombstones outside of the famous attraction, the Haunted Mansion.

This post is dedicated to showing you comparison photos of real and fake pins.

Like most popular hidden mickey pin sets, this one has been “scrapped”.  Meaning that unauthorized and bad quality pins have been made to look like the real deal.

(In the photo above, the Real pin is the Middle one:)

It is sometimes very hard, or easy, to tell the difference between the real and fake pins, like in the photo above, there are multiple scrapper pins, with the quality going from OK to Very Bad.

First lets talk about the set, in-case you want to collect it for yourself 🙂

This set has 6 pins;
• The Rat
• The Spider
• The Bat
• The Frog
• The Fish
• The Poodle

Each has a cute saying on the front and a “hidden mickey” icon.

Real Tombstone hidden mickey pin.

This set is unusual in it’s “Metal” coloring, instead of the shiny bright silver, the authentic or real pins are a “Matte” or brushed steel color, Not Shiny.

The photo Above shows the Matte finish, you can see it especially well on the edges of the pin.

The photo Below shows the Fake shiny pin, look at the edges and notice the color difference.

Fake Tombstone hidden mickey pin.

Here are some other photos of real and fake Tombstone Haunted Mansion hidden mickey pins.

Both pins in the photo below are Bad Fake pins, color is way off and obvious dips in enamel, shiny metal instead of matte.

Fake scrapper pins, bad coloring and dips in enamel, shiny metal and not matte.

In the photos below we show you 2 pins, one real and one a scrapper. This scrapper is one of the nicer fake pins, it is hard to tell the differences.

Real pin on Left, Not so bad scrapper on Right.


Back of pins, Real is on the left, Fake is on the right.

With these HM Tombstone pins, it is easier to tell the fakes from the real deal, due to the unusual matte finish, but it isn’t always easy with other hidden mickey sets.

For more information on Scrapper pins, and more photos comparing real and fake pins, please click here!

We hope you enjoyed this post and that it helps you with your own Disney pin collection.

Please remember, it is OK to keep and collect not real pins, as long as you like the pin.

Some hidden mickey pins are extremely hard to find “real”, so I might add their fake counter parts to my own collection until one day I might find the real pin.  scrapperinfo

It is up to you, fake pins are tradeable in the parks and resorts and you will find them everywhere.

Thanks for reading our Disney pin blog!  Make sure to visit our Pin Store for Authentic Disney Trading Pins and Low Prices.

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