Fake 2014 Hidden Mickey Pins

Fake 2014 Hidden Mickey Pins

It is a new year, and time for the 2014 hm pins to be released in Walt Disney World and Disneyland.

Unfortunately, time for the Fake Scrapper pins to come out too!

We were trading in the Walt Disney Resorts yesterday, 1/26/14, looking for the new hidden mickey pins, and stumbled upon the Donald Silver Chaser pin shown above.

We were so excited to have found one of the new 2014 hidden mickey pins, we actually ended up finding 2 different ones.

This “Mater the Greater” silver chaser pin shown above is the 2nd 2014 pin we found at the Contemporary Resort gift shop.

As of yesterday, the pins have not been released yet, and we were out looking for the first signs of them on lanyards and pin boards.

You can imagine our happiness at finding these 2 chaser pins!

Until we realized, with the help of others including Cast Members, that they are fake unauthorized scrapper pins.

How disappointing, to find fake pins Before the real ones were even released!

These 2 pins are part of the Disneyland collection of hidden mickey pins for this year.

Below is a picture of the back of the fake pin, to help you spot the difference when the real ones do come out.

The mickey head back print actually goes off the edge rather nicely, but you can clearly see weird marks that look like scrapes.  scrapperinfo

Also, there are no “nubs”, just a spike nub, this might not mean anything though, we will have to compare it with the real pin to see what it is supposed to have 🙂

It does have the 2014 pin trading logo in the middle, but it is very hard to read the date, even with a magnifying glass.  This is very common in scrapper pins, since the back stamp is not struck clearly, the words are hard to read.


We are still excited about finding all of the “Real” 2014 Disney Hidden Mickey pins, they are so super cute this year!

If you want to see the Disney World Wave A set you can look right here, we show all of the sets with pictures!

Remember: Be careful when you are out trading, look at your pins closely and determine if you want to add them to your own hidden mickey pin collection or not.

If you can’t tell if it is real or fake, it doesn’t matter, as long as you like the pin, keep it 🙂

Please visit our online Disney pin store to find scrapper-free authentic pins for sale at great prices!

Thanks for reading our Disney pin blog!

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