Disney World Pin Trading Night; April 30th 2013

Disney World Pin Trading Night
One of my favorite pins traded at a Pin Trading Night

A Disney World Pin Trading Night is coming up this Tuesday April 30th!  

The Trading Night at the Walt Disney World Resort will be held at the Wide World of Sports Grill Restaurant and the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex Tuesday night from 6-9pm.  

In the past most of the pin trading nights have been held in the Contemporary Resort near Disneys Magic Kingdom.

This will be the first time I’ve been to a Disney pin trading night at the Wide World of Sports, and I’m really looking forward to it.  This is also the first pin trading event of the year, believe it or not!  The next big one is in September;  13 Reflections of Evil Trading Event at Epcot on Friday the 13th.

The Disney World Pin Trading Night is very popular, and used to be held once a month in the Contemporary Resort. 


The event is very popular with collectors, and new Disney pin traders too, so I’m not sure why Disney stopped offering the Trading Nights regularly.  I know I sure miss them!  It was a great way to meet new people and add to my Walt Disney World pin collection!
During the trading night you will find at least one room set aside for trading and filled with hundreds of tables.  The April 30th event will feature trading in two different rooms.  

Space is really limited so it’s best to get there early to wait in line if you want a table.  Hundreds of pin traders show up for the night of trading and the line to get into the trading areas can be very long, and start hours before the actual event does!

Figment 4/30/13 Event Pin $15.95 LE 750

Anyone can trade and anyone can sit at a table with their pin trading bag or Disney pin satchel.  Just walk into the room and grab a chair … set your pins on the table in front of you … and wait for the trades to start rolling in!  

It’s a great way to find the new Hidden Mickey pins, old Limited Edition Disney Pins, and find the old Cast Lanyard, or Disney Hidden Mickey Pin collections.  Some of the guests attending even bring their Disney Trading Pins collection list to help them find the pins they are looking for for their Disney pin collections.

You can also find at least one special pin made for that specific night for sale during the hours of 6-9pm, or until they sell out.  They are almost always a low limited edition.  The upcoming pins available on Tuesday April 30th are limited to 750 each.  There are two of them, one of them featuring Figment, the other Safari Mickey Mouse.  They both have the Disney World Pin Trading Night logo on them, and they are spinners.

Mickey Mouse 4/30/13 Event Pin $15.95 LE 750

Pin Trading Nights is always a lot of fun for me, my family, and my friends.  If you happen to be attending stop by and say “Hi” … I’ll be there at a table trading the night away. ºOº


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