Disney Trading Pins ~ Artistic Photos #4

Disney Trading Pins ~ Artistic Photos #4

Did you know that Princess pins are not that common, and can be some of the hardest pins to trade for?  This Snow White pin is a “Rack” pin, which means you could purchase it from a Disney Gift Shop, hanging on the “rack”.

It is also called “Open Edition”, meaning it is not Limited and often produced for years at a time and available for around $8.00 ea at Disneyworld.

This pin is from the 35 year pin collection, and you can see the Silver and Green icon on the bottom right of the pin.  I like the photo of Walt, it makes me think of all the wonderful magic he made possible with imagination and determination.

I love collecting Disney pins, they bring me happiness even though they are my one expensive addiction.

I also like to share the magic of pins, that is why I sell my personal pins in my online Pin Store, you guys should take a look here and see all the beautiful pins for sale.

Mickey Train Station WDW pin
Some pins are “Dangle” pins and have some type of pin element hanging by small jewelry o-rings.  Sometimes these pins will break, don’t worry, you can replace the small rings, any craft store should carry them.
If you plan on placing these type of dangle pins in your pin book, try double sided sticky tape on the bottom to hold it in place, it doesn’t hurt the pin 🙂
Tale Spin Disney pin

I think it is time to take some artistic Disney photos of Halloween trading pins, since it is October 🙂

I also need to get my Holiday Disney pins out so I can wear them all while enjoying the Season this year at WDW.

Do you wear your pins, what do you do with your Disney pins?

Comment to let us know your favorite way to enjoy, store, or make art of your trading pins.

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