Disney Pins Blog; awesome items for pin lovers!

Disney Pins Blog; Awesome Items for Pin Lovers!

We are so excited to introduce Disney Pins Blog, another pinformational website created for your pin trading pleasure.

I love to wear my pins on my shirt, hat, backpack, etc. when I go out.  It is a great way to enjoy my pins and show them off.

Now I can take that one step further by wearing neat Pin t-shirts (like the one above), Pin Lanyards, Bows and more!
Do you need Pin trading lanyards to wear on your upcoming vacation to Disney World?
Grab some for your self or your kids for only $5.00 each!

That’s at least half off the retail price of lanyards sold in the Disney World gift shops!

What I really love are these Disney Character Bows for him or her.  I am always looking for some cute but hassle free fun things to wear, and they’re a great deal for only $7.00 ea.


I am always searching for original handmade Disney items, and I love to support other Disney fans out there who offer them, and so do our friends at the Disney Pins Blog.

Are you are looking for some nice Disney items for gifts, your children, or for yourself, please give our friends a visit at their new Store.

Thanks for reading Disney Pins Facebook!

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