Disney Pin Trading Boards!

Disney Pin Trading Boards!

Trading pin chest
-Caribbean Beach Resort
There are so many wonderful and creative places to trade at Disneyworld!  Did you know that most Walt Disney Resorts and theme parks have pin books and/or boards that you can trade pins on?

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Pin board
-Art of Animation Resort
When looking for boards or books to trade on, our motto is to: “ask everywhere you go”!  You never know when you’ll find one!

Locations to ask at;

• Resort Check In desks
• Disney dining locations
• Disney gift shops
• Disney Vacation Club desks
• Concierge Desks
• Attractions
Do you know the pin trading rules?  Watch our fun and quick video and learn how to pin trade!
Now that you’ve watched the video, and know the Official Disney Pin Trading Rules, you’re probably ready to have fun pin trading!
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Paint Palette pin board
-Saratoga Springs Resort
Keep in mind when trading that some pin boards only come out during certain times.  When asking about pin boards, ask when they are out, and make sure to come back during that time.
The different “types” of pin boards;
• Boards or books that are available all day long, from store or park opening to closing that sit on the counter for guests to see.
• Boards or books that are available all day long, from store or park opening to closing that live behind the scenes, that you must ask for to see.  Once you ask for it a CM brings it out for you and you can trade on it.
• Boards or books that only come out during set times of the day.  Please Note:  many of these types of trading boards/books have a limit of 1 pin per guest, per appearance.
Pin board
-Pop Century Resort
Although most pin boards and books allow each guest to trade up to 2 pins at a time, some pin boards only allow you to trade one pin, so just make sure to ask before trading so that you can pick the pin(s) you like the best.
Popcorn Pin Board
-Magic Kingdom
There are so many magical and fun Disney Pin Trading Boards in Disneyworld!!  Make sure to ask everywhere you go to find out if they have a pin board, and have fun trading!!


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