Disney Pin Trading Bag Information

Disney Pin Trading Bag Information

Large Pin Trading Bag

A pin bag is a must have for any pin trader, whether young or old.  Today we will talk about pin bags, their sizes, and costs.

I remember my first pin bag, it was actually a backpack style bag that was very handy.  I found it at a yard sale (here in Florida next to Disneyworld you find lots of Disney Merchandise at sales:) and paid $15.00 for it.

At the time, I thought it was rather expensive. I had just started pin trading in larger amounts (like 20 pins a day at Disney) and needed something to keep my new pin collection in. I ended up forking over the cash and was very glad I did.

Now I have too many pins to keep in bags, please check out our online pin store if you are interested in nice Disney pins for your collections or for trading at the parks.

A Disney Pin Trading Bag can come in a variety of sizes, designs, styles, and prices. Every pin bag, no matter the size, has double sided pages, so you can put pins on both sides of the page.

If the book has 3 pages, there are actually 6 sides available for pins. Also, it has a plastic page between each pin page, to keep the pins from touching or getting scratched. Lastly, some of the books even have a mesh zippered pouch page (yes it sounds weird) either in between the pin pages or at the end of the book.

I use these mesh pages for storing paper (like print offs of collections or pins I need to find), pin cards (the black or themed cards you pins come on), extra pin backs, etc.

What’s Available at the Parks:

The smallest pin bag is $26.95 at Disneyworld and holds around 25-40 pins. It is perfect for children or adults that are just starting out. It has a long strap so you can wear it over your shoulder like a cross body bag. It is app. 8″x 6″ and has 3 pages inside for your Disney pins.

Small pin bag $26.95

They make medium sized bags and shoulder/backpack bags. They are app. 12″ x 9″ (or 9″ x 12″ for the shoulder style) and hold up to around 200 Disney pins. (Depending on the size of the pins). There is a cute pink one and it is $39.95, or the backpack one is $46.95.

Backpack style Disney pin trading bag

The medium Disney pin trading bag is a great size to hold your traders and your collection. It is always a good idea to keep these 2 types of pins separated.

Large pin bags are my favorite! They are app. 12″ x 14″ and have 4 or 5 pages with plastic protector pages in between. My favorite large bag is the ones I got from DisneyShopping a few years ago. They are the largest I have found, holding up to 500 pins!

A large Disney pin trading bag is really the best way to go if you have, or plan on starting, a large pin collection. They cost $39.95 – $49.95 and are well worth the investment.

Large Disney Pin Trading Bag ~ Storybook Collection design

Traders ~ traders are what we call pins that you are not keeping, the ones you carry around to trade with Cast Members or other pin traders at Disney World.  You can keep these traders in a pouch, bag, fanny pack, purse, or pin book.  Put them in the front page or two of your book so you can easily open it up and show them to other traders.

Keepers ~ keepers are the pins that you want to keep for your pin collection. You should put these in the back of your pin book away from your traders. If your trying to find Disney pin sets, keeping them organized will help you easily see which ones your missing.

Print off sheets of some Disney pin sets you might want to find when your at Disney. That way you can cross off the ones you get when you find them. This works great if your looking for Disney Hidden Mickey pin collections.

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