Disney Pin Traders Hidden Mickey Pin Set

Disney Pin Traders Hidden Mickey Pin Set

This 2013 hidden mickey pin set represents the 5 Classic Characters that are displayed in the main Disney Gift Shop pin store located in Downtown Disney Marketplace.

“Disney’s Pin Traders” is the name of the store, and you can’t miss the larger than life sized Disney couple standing in the doorway just waiting to pose for a picture with you and your family!

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The Pin Traders hidden mickey pins

There are 5 color pins in the set, 2 Silver Chasers, and 1 Completer:

• Mickey ~ pin #1 of 5
• Minnie ~ pin #2 of 5
• Donald ~ pin #3 of 5
• Daisy ~ pin #4 of 5
• Buzz Lightyear ~ pin #5 of 5
• Pinocchio ~ Completer

The silver chasers are:

• Mickey ~ pin #11 of 20
• Minnie ~ pin #12 of 20

Everyone loves meeting these characters when visiting the Pin traders hut, and now looking for them on Cast Members lanyards or Hotel pin books makes it even more exciting.

I love it when Disney makes new pins featuring real life, actual “things” in Disneyworld & Disneyland!

There are pins representing the Main Street Popcorn bags sold in Disney World gift shops, parking signs in the parking lots of Disney parks, pins of the Friendship Boats in Epcot, and now these wonderful pins that feature the classic Disney characters in their pin trading poses!
The new Disney’s Pin Traders ~ Hidden Mickey Pins set was just released in the second half of 2013, and are from the Wave B hidden mickey series so right now they are pretty hard to find in the parks and resorts.

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