Disney Pin Event Information

Disney Pin Event Information


Each year Epcot hosts a gigantic pin trading event!

This year’s event was the Imagination Gala, you can watch videos of it on Disney Pins Facebook YouTube.

Next year’s pin show was announced this week and will be called “GenEARation D”, as you can see in the event logo poster above.
We’ve had a lot of questions about pin events so we would like to help answer them here:
Q: Where can I register for a Disney Pin event?
A: ODPT (Disney’s Official website) has an event page.  Just click on the park you’d like to see events for on the left hand side of the page and look for something in your date range.
Q: Can I purchase pins from the event if I’m not attending?
A: No.  Only event guests can purchase pins from the merchandise catalog.
Q: Is a park ticket required to go to the event?
A: Yes.  A valid park ticket is required to get into Epcot and an event ticket for the pin show is also necessary.
Q: What kind of pins can I trade on the pin boards there?
A: Any Official Disney Pins!  Regular pin trading rules apply, you can view them here.
Q: What is a Pin Event Sponsor?
A: A sponsor pays for a pin show ticket and gets the benefits of a registered guest, without all the expenses of traveling to Disneyworld!
Disney Pins Facebook has openings for seven sponsors each year, and spaces fill up quickly!  We go to the event for you to pick up your merchandise order and free event gifts, then ship it all to you!
Email disneypinsfacebook@yahoo.com for more information or to become a sponsor for the 2015 GenEARation D event!
Q: Can anyone attend?
A: Yes!  Guests of all ages can enjoy the trading day!  Each guest must have a park ticket and event ticket though.

We hope these questions and answers have helped you.  If you have any further questions please send us an email at DisneyPinsFacebook@yahoo.com or visit us on Facebook; Disney Pins $1.15 + Up.
Hope to see you there next year!
~Amy and Elizabeth

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