Disney Hidden Mickey Pin Collections

Disney Hidden Mickey Pin Collections


Disney Hidden Mickey Pin Collections are one of the most interesting and exciting pin collections of all.

Did you know that Hidden Mickey pins, (formally know as a Cast Lanyard Disney Pin) were first released in 2002?  

They were created to stimulate guest pin trading with Cast Members, and let me say, it worked well!  

Hidden Mickey pins are so fun to collect!  Each year Disney World Orlando, and Disneyland Resort get their own new Disney Hidden Mickey Pin Collections, which usually range in number from 50-60 different pins, and 4-6 different pin series.

This makes hunting for the pins you want and need for your collection an adventure!

You can spot a “hm” or “hidden mickey” by the little Mickey Mouse icon on the front of the pin.
Just like in the photo below, see the little mickey icon circled in Yellow?

Most “hm” pins will be labeled with their pin number on the back.  This will help when your trading and trying to find the whole set.

The pin say’s “Hidden Mickey Pin 1 of 5” and features the Disney Pin Trading logo.  That means that it’s from a collection that has 5 pins in it, and that it’s pin number 1 in the series.

Did you know that until recently the only way to get a Hidden Mickey was to trade for it with a Cast Member, or another collector?  Now you can find them on the shelf of your favorite Disney World Gift Shop!

You can’t find all of them for sale, only a select few from particular years and series.  You can purchase them in a Hidden Mickey mystery pouch.  It’s a plastic baggie that contains two random pins.  You don’t know what you’re going to get … it’s a mystery, hence the name.

Another hidden mickey pin you can find in a Disney gift shop is the hidden mickey completer pin!

These pins are made to complete a “hm” set, and will actually say “Completer” on the back.  The past couple of years the completer pins can be found for sale at Disney as a Purchase with Purchase option.  For example, purchase $30.00 in merchandise at Disney Pin Traders in Downtown Disney Marketplace and purchase a hidden mickey completer mystery pin for $2.95.

These pins come in solid black baggies so you can’t see what you get until you purchase it, and open it.  This makes it a bit harder to find the one you want, and also encourages sales for Disney. 

Watch us opening the mystery completer bags in the video below, just click on it!

If you’re looking for the older Hidden Mickey pins, or Cast Lanyard pins, or the newer ones, you’ll have to find them on CM lanyards or by trading them from other collectors.

There are so many Hidden Mickey and Cast Lanyards it would be pretty hard to collect them all. There are almost 2000 now! Each year I look forward to seeing which new pins will be available, and searching for the ones I want.

Disney Hidden Mickey Pin Collections are super fun to collect!  Good luck with yours! 

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