Buyer Beware! Scrappers For Sale in Disney Area Stores!

Buyer Beware! Scrappers For Sale in Disney Area Stores!

Near Disneyworld you can find a giant Florida tourist gift shop on practically every corner outside of Disney property.

They don’t sell Disney Theme Park merchandise, they sell licensed Disney merchandise, like you would find in Walmart, Walgreens, Dollar Store, etc.  They are not owned by Disney, they are just licensed to sell (c)Disney merchandise.

We visit the Disney parks many times per week and we shop at Disney World gift shops, so we’ve never really visited these off-site stores.  Last week the kids wanted to stop and look around so we did.

We picked a giant store outside of the gates of Downtown Disney, and after our visit there, and our shocking discovery, we visited many more, finding the same thing, which I’m about to share with you below.

Being Disney pin lovers and collectors we asked where to find the pins.  We headed over to check them out and were shocked at what we found for sale on their racks!!
They are actually selling unauthorized, fake Disney pins in their store to unknowing customers!
I took photos with my iPhone to share with you here.  The pins were taken out of their little plastic baggies and put onto generic cards which you can also obtain from China, to appear as brand new on card Disney pins!!
As you can see above, they even put hidden Mickey pins on cards!  Hidden Mickey pins don’t come on cards.  They never did.  They are only available on Cast Member lanyards for trading in the parks, or in booster pouches in Disney gift shops.
Viewing the photo above, you can also see the terrible quality of the fake pins.  As you may have read here on our Disney pin blog, not all scrappers are created equal.

By using real Disney pin card backers they are really misleading customers, and the quality is just terrible!

The kind of bad pin that you can actually run your finger over and get scratched from!!

There were quite a few choices of pins from rack pins to hidden mickey pins.  Mainly the pins on cards were $5.99 each, as you can see below:

We even saw newly scrapped pin, like the 2014 booster set of Walt Disney World logo characters, and the PWP Lock pins from the “13 Reflections of Evil” pin event this past September.
Here they are, in bags of five, with a cost of $15.99.  These pins are also a very bad quality pin, and they used a very large sized card announcing the pins as Limited Edition pins, which they aren’t.

I don’t think that the practice of selling actual scrapper pins in a Disney licensed gift shop is good practice, or legal.

I feel sorry for all the unknowing shoppers buying these high priced knockoffs in a retail store, expecting a new Disney product, and getting an unauthorized, terribly made version of it.

The scrappers I’ve seen at these shops are truly some of the worst I’ve ever seen!

Buyer Beware! Scrappers For Sale in Disney Area Stores!  Always look over any pins you purchase anywhere, including eBay.

Anyone can stick a pin, real or not, on a card and call it new and authentic.  The only way to be 100% sure that you’re getting an authentic pin is to buy it yourself from a real Disney Store, not an authorized dealer, or eBay.

Always use caution when purchasing pins, and try to use your best judgement.  You can learn tips about spotting fake Disney pins that will help you in the future.

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