4 Days of 13 Reflections of Evil ~ Day #1

4 Days of 13 Reflections of Evil ~ Day #1

This is our story of pins, villains, friends, shopping, vinylmations, and sleep deprived fun!

We attended all 3 days of the Trading Event located in Disney’s Epcot theme park, and the pre-registration day at Coronado Springs resort, for a total of 4 solid days of pin trading heaven.

Sound crazy to you?  It was, but it was also the best time ever.

Our Disney family of 5 traded hundreds of wonderful pins and met plenty of people, both old friends and new ones. pinevents

Please read about all 4 of our days, each day will have it’s own post so we can share all of the awesome details and photos with you.

We have made videos of the different event days and activities, you can watch them on our YouTube channel LivingDisney.

 • Day 1 ~ Early Registration and pin trading at Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort Convention Center.

I know I said day 1, but I am actually starting with the week before the event. If you are wondering how long it took to get ready, I am telling you now;

It took us four days to make three new binder trading books, add pins to four already made pin books, and find out lots of jumbos, special pins, box sets, cast lanyard/bolos, and other items which I didn’t trade any of, lol and find out extra “trader” vinylmations for the 15th, and “trader pins” for the pin boards.

We even made a video for YouTube of us making our hidden mickey pin book for the event.

We had around 10 books and the misc. items when we packed the car the night before the pre- registration.


~ Wed. 11th of September was spent in a frenzy, and we only got around 2 hours of sleep that morning right before leaving at 6:00.

~ Thursday the 12th, we arrived at Disney’s Coronado Springs resort and convention center at around 8:00 am.  We stopped at the first entry into the convention center and it was empty, we thought that we beat the crowds, we were wrong lol!

We found out that it was the next area further down the center, and there were already people lined up inside.

It was all good though, we ended up in the first 150 people in line, and that is good for us 😉
Our entourage included; Me (Elizabeth), Amy (sister), Diana (mom), James (dad), Trevon (son), Zarius (son), and Mahnara (daughter).

Amy and Trevon

There were 2 large rooms, the first one was open, and was where we all lined up waiting for 10:00 to come so we could start our day of fun!

The 7 of us were soon ushered into another room with the line of people waiting to pre-register.  They only let 100 people into the adjacent room at a time, so it would go smoothly.

We were even told by a Cast Member that they found from experience that if they let more than 100 pin traders in a room together at a time then people started going crazy. I guess the excitement is too much for us lol.

James and Diana

Once we were in the next room we waited in another line, but it went very fast and it was soon our turn to register.

Our family took a long time to register because it was also Merchandise Pick-Up for anyone who ordered the 13 Reflections of Evil event items.

Our whole family was sponsored, and our sponsors bought a lot of merchandise, more than 5,000 dollars worth!

Each of our seven family members had to pick up an order, and the cast member checked every item off of an order form in front of us to ensure that we got what we paid for. Then we signed a sheet saying that we received all of our items.

My mom and dad got done first, so they took the kids and went and got a table to set up our pins on. We stayed and finished up the merchandise part.

This room was split in two sections, divided by large drapes, one side was where the pre-registration was being held, and one side of the room was set up with loads of tables and chairs for the pin traders (but sadly, not enough to go around).  We heard that last year the registration was kept in one of the two rooms, and that the pin trading area was in the entire second room.  This year the trading area was cut in half, which didn’t make a lot of folks happy.

We set up our pins at the table and took all of our “Reflections of Evil” merchandise to the car for safe keeping.

After that we settled in for some trading!!  Originally we weren’t sure if we wanted to set up a table, or walk around, but due to the number of Disney pin books we brought, we thought it would be best to get a table.

After an hour or so it got to where there weren’t enough tables for everyone attending so everyone was asked to condense their space and their stuff.  We all squished in, putting books on top of books to make room for more pin traders at our table.

Amy and I took turns looking around at the pins on the tables because no one was really walking around.  My mom and dad seemed to be gone most of the time, and for them, and us as it turned out, most of the trades we made that day were made because we went to a table to look at pins, then brought the other person back to our table to look at our pins to see if we could trade.

It seemed that that was the best way to trade IF you had another person with you to watch your stuff while you were gone.

We had a great time trading and meeting people from all over the world as always, and we traded for lots of nice pins.

Below is our complete 4 Days of 13 Reflections of Evil ~ Day #1 pin haul!!  Watch it to see the neat trades we made.

We usually sell our extra pins that we get from the event. If you are ever interested in them, or any other authentic pin or pin lot, please take a look in our online Store at Everything Disney Pins.

If you are planning on attending one of the pin trading events at Epcot next year or in the future, and have any questions, please feel free to email me with your questions at disneypinsfacebook@yahoo.com.

Thanks for reading, and look for our 4 Days of 13 Reflections of Evil ~ Day #2 coming to Disney Pins Facebook soon!


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