2016 Walt Disney World Hidden Mickey Pins

It’s official, the 2016 Hidden Mickey pins have been announced! This weekend, at the Pixar Party trading event in Epcot, the entire Hidden Mickey series of pins for both Disneyworld and Disneyland were on display for all to see! We were really happy because we, like many other pin collectors, had been waiting since January for news. Disney made no announcements, and gave no updates throughout the year for pin traders patiently waiting for the annual release.

We were told by the staff at the pin preview center at the event that the pins would start hitting the parks in late November or early December, and that there would only be this one release for the year since they were late. Usually there’s two waves of Hidden Mickey pins, Wave A which is released the first of the year, and Wave B which is released about halfway through the year. They did state that they do plan on doing two waves again for 2017, and they plan on releasing them on their normal schedule.

More about Hidden Mickey pins and how you can get them

Here are Walt Disney World’s 2016 Hidden Mickey pin series:


Here are the 2016 Disneyland Hidden Mickey pin series:


And a shared set between both parks (Disneyland and Walt Disney World):


Which set is your favorite? Which park’s collections do you prefer?


2016-hidden-mickey-disney-pins 2016-hidden-mickey-pins-release disneyland-hidden-mickey-2016-set-pins

We love them all, and can’t wait to go on the hunt for Hidden Mickeys in Florida!

~Amy & Elizabeth


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