2015 Disney Pin Trading Event; GenEARation D Official Dates

2015 Disney Pin Trading Event; GenEARation D Official Dates

Each year I get so excited when official dates are announced for the annual pin show at Epcot! GenEARation D will be held Friday and Saturday, September 11th and 12th this year.

It will be a two day event, and vinylmation trading will not be available.  In the past Disney has added a third day for Vinylmation figure trading, but in 2015 there will be nothing on Sunday.
Registration for GenEARation D begins on April 22nd.  If you’re planning to attend this pin trading show make sure to sign up early! Tickets have been known to sell out, especially for the pin trading breakfast that’s usually offered as an add-on.
If you’re not able to make it to Disneyworld to participate, but you want the special event only merchandise that only registered guests can purchase, Disney Pins Facebook may be able to help, we have a sponsorship available!
Each year our family takes sponsors.  As a sponsor you pay for the event ticket, and we go in your place.  You get to shop from the event catalog and purchase anything you’d like without any service fees or extra costs.  You also get the free gifts given out to attendees.  We go and pick up your order and your free gifts, and mail them to you!

If you’re interested in becoming a pin event sponsor just send an email to DisneyPinsFacebook@yahoo.com.  Since we have been taking sponsorships for the past couple of years, our sponsorship slots are almost full.  Currently we have one opening available, so don’t delay!
If you’d like to see last year’s pin trading event, 13 Reflections of Evil, check out our video vlogs.
We hope you’ve found our 2015 Disney Pin Trading Event; GenEARation D Information helpful, and if you’re attending we’ll see you there this September!

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