2014 Hidden Mickey Scrapper Comparison Photos

2014 Hidden Mickey Scrapper Comparison Photos.
In these photos below, the Dwarf hidden mickey pins on the bottom are the Real pins.

Have you seen all of the new 2014 hidden mickey Wave A pins?  There are 5 wonderfully cute and adorable sets that were officially released for trading with Cast Members early this year.

Like a lot of Disney Trading pins, (hidden mickey, limited edition, and rack), these have already been “faked” or “scraped”.

If you don’t quite know what a scrapper pin is, read our article here to find out all about fake pins.

We like to show every pin collector photos comparing real and fake pins, we do this to help you to determine if the pins you are trading for or purchasing off the internet are what you were wanting.
In our opinions there is nothing wrong with collecting scrapper Disney pins, sometimes it is the only way to get a hard to find pin to finish your collection.

We just want to make sure that you Know and are Aware that the pin is fake, so you don’t purchase or trade for it at a high price thinking it is real when it might not be.

So here are our pictures of fake are real 2014 hidden mickey pins, we hope this helps and that you enjoy them!

The back of the pin shown above is a scrapper pin, here are a few pointers that will help you see difference between the real and fake 2014 pins;

1. The Mickey head print goes all the way off and is very convincing making it hard to tell it apart.
2. There are 2 dots on either side of the post instead of the “nubs” showing it is fake.
3. The “Starburst” logo is not etched clearly and is very hard to read.

Here is the back of a Real Pascal pin, you can see how the mickey head pattern on the back goes off the same (1), but it has the two “nubs” next to the post (2).

Above is a photo of a fake silver chaser pin, the scrapper chaser pins are very light weight and rough. This combined with the other qualities mentioned above helps to point them out.

Above is a real Pinocchio 2014 Disney pin, if you notice, the backs of the real pins are shiny, clear cut, and nothing like the back of the fake pins.  scrapperinfo

If you want to safely purchase Guaranteed Real hidden mickey, or any Disney pin, please visit our Pin Store.  We have great unbeatable prices and a huge variety of pins for sale.

Thanks so much for reading our Disney pin blog, trade on!

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