2014 Hidden Mickey Pins – Wave A

2014 Hidden Mickey Pins – Wave A

Well it’s official!  We’ve all been waiting for the 2014 hm lineup and it’s here!!!

There are six sets coming soon to the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida!  That’s 32 awesome new pins to collect!!

There is the Colorful Pascal set, shown above.  This set is going to be uber popular among collectors, along with the Seven Dwarfs set shown below.

I have to admit that I’m not a hidden mickey collector, but I am going to be adding some of these incredible pins to my collection!

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When the hm pins come out each year it can be very hard to find them.  Living just miles from Disneyworld we love going on the hunt for hidden Mickeys!
I can’t wait to find pins from this set, the Magic Kingdom Parking Signs Heroes.
You may or may not know that last year a Magic Kingdom Villains Parking Sign set came out during the 2013 wave a pin release.
This year’s set, the Heroes, will go with last year’s villains set, and will make great additions to your Disney pin collection.
Another cute set is the Character Sketch Pads.  These Disney 2014 hidden mickey pins features your favorite Disney movie characters like Mater, Ariel, Nemo, and Simba on a sketch pad with a pencil.
They are completely new and different from previous hm designs, and I can’t wait to trade for them!
The “It’s A Small World “ pin set shown above is a shared pin series.  That means that you will find these five pins in Disney World Florida, and Disneyland in  California.  These are the only 2014 Hidden Mickey Pins – Wave A pins that will be available in both parks.

Last but not least we have the Chaser pins!  There are five of them and they match pins from the sets above!

There is a silver Pascal hidden mickey, a silver Peter Pan from it’s a small world, Nemo black sketch, a silver hero chaser, and a silver dwarf 2014 hidden mickey chaser pin!
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