2013 Hidden Mickey Scrapper Comparison Photos

2013 Hidden Mickey Scrapper Comparison Photos

These Pluto Days of the Week pins show one real and one fake pin. In the top photo you can see the color difference as well as the overall quality between these 2 pins.

The Top pin is the real one, with it’s true Red color and detail.

During the whole year of 2013 we have been on the lookout for fake 2013 Hidden Mickey pins. 

We didn’t find any, until now that is. 

Only when the new 2014 hm pins came out did we start to see tons of fake scrapper 2013 pins show up. 

These are the same pins flipped over, this time the fake one is on top.

You can notice the 2 small “nubs” next to the post on the Real bottom pin are not there on the Scrapper top pin.


Can you tell which Mickey Icon pin is the real deal? It’s the Left one.
The scrapper here is the bottom pin.

The fronts of the Sorcerer Mickey Icon pin are very similar, except for Mickey’s face color, it is easier to tell by looking at the back of the pin.

Note the shape of the Mickey Heads on the bottom pin (the fake one), the ears of the mickey head are an irregular shape and just don’t look right.

The entire year of 2013 we searched high and low but hardly found any of the Color pins in the hard to find sets like the Park Icons, Pluto Days of the Week, and Patriotic Sheilds.

These were and still are very hard to find pins, and having scrappers out now is just making them even more rare.

The Minnie on top is real, the bottom one is fake. You can see dips in the pin, the color is not bright and clear, and the overall look of the scrapper Minnie is bad.

Look at the backs of the 2 Minnie Trader pins, the one on the Left is the scrapper.

All of the sudden in Feb. & March of 2014 Disney World was flooded with not only 2013 hidden mickey scrappers, but the new 2014 fake pins as well. 
If you want to see comparison photos of the 2014 scrappers look here.
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It was rather odd that after an entire year on not being faked, the 2013 and 2014 scrapper pins flooded Disney at the same time.


Remember, there is nothing wrong with owning, trading, or collecting these scrapper versions.
We only show you these photos so you can make an educated choice when buying or trading for these pins.

Thanks so much for reading our Disney pin blog!

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