2013 Hidden Mickey Pins; The First of Their Kind

2013 Hidden Mickey pins; the first of their kind!

Let me tell you about 2 major changes in “hm” pins this year, and why they are different from any “hm” pins ever released before!!

• The first wave of pins were released this year in late January (Wave A), followed by the second wave of highly anticipated pins (Wave B), in June.

• 10 different sets make up Waves A & B of the 2013 Hidden Mickey pins released at Walt Disney World Resort in Florida for 2013.

After collecting, sorting, and trading the 2013 hidden Mickey pins for a few months, I noticed that there were 2 major differences between them and the 2012 or earlier hidden mickey pins released in the past.
Example A:

The 2 Disney trading pins in the photo above are called “Cast Costume” hidden mickey pins.

• Top one (POTC) is from the 2012 “Cast Costume” series
• Bottom one (Soarin’) is from the 2013 “Cast Costume” series

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Now take a look at the back of the pins, I just flipped them over, so the 2012 will still be the top one.

Do you notice the difference?

Disney has now began adding the Mickey Icon back stamp to the hidden mickey pins, a first!

Never before has a hidden mickey pin had the mickey icon pattern on the back side, only Open Edition and Limited Edition pins have had it.

I like this new change, it will make it very easy for my children, and you, to spot the real from the fake pins 🙂

Example #2

Unfortunately this second difference is not a positive one, it has to do with the paint or enamel on the pins.

I have never seen a hidden mickey pin where you can take your nail and literally scrape the paint off of it, at least not until the 2013 hm pins came out.

You can see in the photo above of the Friendship boat pin that the black on the bottom and blue on the side has been worn off.

I first noticed this when I rubbed my nail on a pin to get something that was stuck on it off of the pin after I traded for it.

The paint came right off!!!

Be careful!  When I pin trade I put my pins in a bag together (make sure to have pin backs on them so they don’t get damaged!), with no problems, but with these pins I wouldn’t recommend that.

You can see on this 2013 Cast Costume where the black has been rubbed off the square of one ear, and scratched off the other ear, revealing the silver metal of the pin.

Unlike other pins, where the color is under the top coat, this seems like it’s painted or screen printed thinly on top of the top coat, so it doesn’t stick well, and is easily scratched.

Previously pins have been very well coated to ensure the safety of the paint underneath.

It is very odd, and I suggest you should be very careful with your collection of 2013 hidden mickey pins, to prevent damage.
That is it for the examples, but if you are in need of real trading pins for collecting or trading at the Disney theme parks and resorts, check out our scrapper-free Disney pin lots, perfect for trading!

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