13 Reflections of Evil Trading Event at Epcot

13 Reflections of Evil Trading Event at Epcot

13 Reflections of Evil Pin Trading Event at Epcot will run Friday September 13th through Sunday September 15th this year!

It will be an incredible event for pins lovers around the world!  

Once a year Epcot is host to a 3 day Disney pin event, each with a different theme.  This year’s theme is Villains!

The 13 Reflections of Evil Pin Trading Event at Epcot is not a free event.  There is a fee to participate, and it’s usually over $100.00 a person.  

Is it worth it you ask?  Yes!  We have been to 3 of the Epcot Disney pin shows and they were all incredible!!  

From the pin trading day before the event starts through each day of the event you get to meet so many people from across the US, and the seas!  

The private Disney pin collections for trade are incredible, and the pins Disney puts on the pin trading boards during the pin show are always amazing!  

The best of the best!  One year we traded over 80 AP (Artist Proof pins) during the three day event!  Each year the show is similar.  It technically starts on the Thursday before the event start date.

Thursday is the early registration day.  During early registration you go to the appointed resort convention center to get your tickets, and your free gifts, and stay the whole day to try and get Disney pin trades in the room set aside for Disney pin trading! 

That’s right, free gifts!  Each year free gifts are given to each guest.  There is usually a early registration pin given to the first 500 people who register for the event, and there are usually numerous pins given as gifts, sometimes Jumbo pins!  One year there were t-shirts and books to put the special themed pins from that event in.  Who knows what free gifts will be given out this year?  I can’t wait to find out!

Each pin show features a whole line of specially themed Disney pins made exclusively for that event.  
This year’s theme is Disney Villains, so the pins will all be themed around your favorite Villains.   

The only place you can purchase these pins is at the pin show, or of course on eBay as attending guests will be purchasing their limits of each amazing pin and listing them for sale on eBay.

A very popular choice with pin collectors is to Sponsor someone for the pin event.  Being a villain pin event sponsor, or villain vinylmation event sponsor is an amazing opportunity!

A Disney pin trader or collector that isn’t able to attend the show pays for the ticket of the guest who is able to attend the show.

The guest then goes to the show and gets the free pin gifts, and orders whatever the sponsor wants, and ships them their items.  

It’s the perfect way of having access to ALL the incredible Disney collectable Disney merchandise that is only available for guests of the 13 Reflections of Evil Trading Event at Epcot, at actual cost, no fees or mark ups.

Cruella Villain 13 Disney pin

You can search for Epcot pin show sponsors online, or on pin boards if you want to enjoy all the benefits of a guest without attending.

My family and I will be attending this September and we do have 2 openings for Disney pin event Sponsors.  

All you do is pay the ticket price and you get to purchase the maximum quantity of special event Disney collector pins available for the pin show too!  

It’s a great deal ~ way cheaper in the long run than buying all the pins you want on eBay, which are always marked up at least twice the retail price.

*Update 5/26/13:  Tickets have been sold out but I do have One Sponsorship available for Villainous Vinylmation Breakfast & the Perilous Pin Breakfast.  Contact me at disneypinsfacebook@yahoo.com

Stay tuned for more information on the Villain pin show and be sure to watch our coverage of the event. ºOº

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