#1 Disney World Pin Trading Information

#1 Disney World Pin Trading Information

Trading Disney pins while on your Florida Disney Vacation is so much fun for the whole family, anyone young or old should give it a try if you haven’t already.

It’s easy to get started in the world of Disney pins, with so many different types available, there is something for everyone.

Disney makes thousands of beautiful pins of all types. You can also buy pins on eBay but be careful, buyer beware on fake or scrapper pins, pins that are not real.

If you are looking for pins that are safe and real, guaranteed scrapper-free, check out my online pin store now.

Here we will go over some of the Disney World Pin Trading Basics.

What is a Disney Pin?

Disney pins are either enamel or enamel cloisonné, with a metal base and a straight pin post on the back.

Some Disney pins are plastic, but those are not for trading but are great for collecting.

What Types of Disney Pins are there?

 There are a number of pins available for trading and collecting, here are the most common pins;

  • Hidden Mickey Cast Only 
  • Limited Edition
  • Limited Release
  • Rack/Open Edition
  • Spinner
  • 3D Pin on Pin
  • Jumbo
  • Lenticular   
  • Artist Choice
  • Featured Artist
  • Pre Production/Prototype
  • Artist Proof/AP
  • Cruise Line
  • Box Sets
  • Framed Sets

We could go on but this is the most common of pin types that you will come across in your Disney World Pin Trading experience.


Who Can I Trade Disney Pins With?

Many of the Cast Members working at Disneyland Resort, Walt Disney World Resort, Disneyland Resort Paris, Hong Kong Disneyland Resort, and Disney Cruise Lines, as well as the Disney Stores and Disney Outlet Stores.

You can trade with any CM (Cast Member) who is wearing a pin lanyard either around their neck or on their hip.

The only exception is the Green/Teal lanyards, these are special and for kids 12 and under.  If the lanyard is black than anyone can trade on it.

The pins that the CM’s have are actually the property of the Disney Company and this is why a Cast Member cannot say “No” to a trade. (With some exceptions)

What Pins Can I Trade?

You can trade any pin that is;

  • Metal
  • Has a  cDisney copyright on the back  
  • Has a Straight pin post, not a Brooch type clasp
  • Is not Personalized
  • It cannot be a duplicate of a pin they already have on their lanyard


Can I Buy Pins from the Cast Members Lanyards?

No, you cannot purchase any pins from Cast Members. Only the ones for sale in a Disney Gift Shop or Pin Trading Location.

Lots of the pins on CM’s Lanyards are Hidden Mickey’s, which are special pins only available by trading with the Cast Members. 

How Much Do Disney Pins Cost?

Disney World Pin Trading can get expensive and is highly addictive, but there are ways to save a ton of money and stay on budget when on your Disney Vacations.

Pins range in price from $6.95 up to $14.94 and more depending on the detail and limited availability.  They even have Booster Sets of 5-7 pins for around $26.95 to $32.95, that’s around $4.30 each.

Everything Disney Pins online pin store has guaranteed scrapper free pins for sale, plan ahead and save money, buy them before your next family vacation.
Come back next time to learn even more about the wonderful world of Disney World Pin Trading!

Have a Disney Fun Day!  Make sure to check out our Pin trading videos here on Disney Pins $1.15 + Up.


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